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Sep 21 2019


Sep 05 2019


Priority will be given to those who have never had an MMR dose, starting with children aged 15 months to 12 years, please make an appointment with the nurse as per usual for vaccinations.  The second priority will be those aged 13 to 28 years old who have no documented second dose, please phone Reception 232 7193 and make an appointment in one of our MMR clinics.   


Regional Public Health advise:

- if you are over 50 years old you are considered to be immune as measles was prevalent prior to 1969.

- if you are aged 28 to 49 years old, and have had one dose of MMR, you are considered to be 95% protected.

 We understand that you may be concerned and want to check your immunisation status. We are experiencing a high number of these calls, in addition to our daily call flow, and will undertake to return your call re MMR status within 3 business days.

 For more information please go to http://www.immune.org.nz/



Jun 28 2019

As you are aware from the media coverage the flu vaccines are in short supply and there will be no more                                                                                                                                                          delivered this season.  We can currently cover Tawa Medical Centre patients who are eligible for a funded                                                                                                                                                        vaccination as we still have a small supply.  We can not vaccinate patients who are not eligible for a funded                                                                                                                                                      vaccination.


Linden Community's Woman's Day

Jun 26 2019

Nurses' Kathleen and Sandy from Linden Surgery and Dr Cat Rourke from Tawa Medical Centre, participate in Linden's Woman's Day by providing free Health Checks

Tawa and Linden Medical Centres' CVRA Breakfast

Mar 19 2019

On Saturday March 2nd we held our first CVRA breakfast at the Tawa Community Centre.

 Invitations went out to our Maori and Pacific Island patients aged 30-40 who had not had their Cardiovascular Risk Assessment.     26 patients of our attended the breakfast.

Staff from Linden Surgery and Tawa Medical Centre together with Te Huri, Anne-Maree and Sarah from Compass Health (our PHO) provided them with a health assessment.   Dr John Langham gave a talk on heart disease and the implications that it can have on a person’s health journey.  The team pitched in to provide everyone who attended with a delicious healthy breakfast.  Cliff who has had an unexpected cardiac medical event, spoke on his health journey, sharing his first-hand experience, a valuable insight for patients and staff.

We were delighted at the enthusiasm of the participants which made this event a great success.