Enrolment & Fees

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This table lists the standard fees we charge for a standard General Practice consultation, for enrolled patients, within usual business hours. Varying charges may be incurred in a range of circumstances including for instance: ACC visits, Casual visits, After Hours, Weekends, longer consultations, minor surgery, for services involving equipment or supplies, or allied medical health practitioners.

Where possible please provide 24 hours notice to change or cancel your appointment. For any cancellations or appointment changes where at least 24 hours is not given, you are responsible for the total cost of your appointment. The fee will be added to your next appointment or you will be sent an invoice. This cancellation fee will be waived for extenuating circumstances only. Due to the impact late cancellation has on our business and other clients, we do need to enforce our cancellation policy and trust that you understand the need to do so.


Age Name

Non CSC Holders

CSC Holders

Under 14



14 - 17



18 - 24



25 - 44



45 - 65



Over 65



Full List of Fees

Tawa Medical Centre and Linden Surgery Consultation Fees

For Doctors and Nurse Practitioner

Funded Patients: patients who are formally enrolled with our Practice by signing an enrolment form, (their clinical records are held with us).

Not Funded Charges Standard Consultation

Standard Consultation $97.00

Children aged 6-17yrs $67.00

Children aged 0-5yrs $47.00

Funded Children 0-13 yrs

Standard Consultation No Charge

Funded Children aged 14-17 years

Standard Consultation $45.00, CSC $13.00

Funded Adult 18 yrs- 24 yrs

Standard Consultation $58.00, CSC $19.50

Funded Adult 25-64 yrs

Standard Consultation $65.00 CSC $19.50

Funded Adult 65 yrs plus

Standard Consultation $58.00 CSC $19.50

ACC Surcharge

Adult $58.00, CSC $19.50 14-17yrs $41.00, CSC $13.00. 0-13yrs- No Charge

Nurse Consultation Fees

$32.00, CSC 19.50

ACC nurse appointment $15.00

ECG $55.00

Flu under 65 (unfunded) $35.00

Smears $38.00, CSC 19.50

Prescription Fees

With Community Service Card $19.50

Non Community Service Card $25.00

Urgent Script Fee 14 years and over $35.00

Urgent Script Fee under 14 years $ 15.00

Consultation Fees are based on a 15 minute appointment, or part of, – a further charge will be made for material used, and EXTENDED CONSULTATION TIME and for Surgical Procedures, Joint Injections, Liquid Nitrogen, Dressings. Sundry Items may incur a charge according to the time taken. Payment is expected at time of consultation, if the account remains unpaid by the end of the month a $7 Administration fee will be added to the Account.